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H1 L1 Visa holders-Get More Tax Refund by Amendments
Tax Services
8AM to 6 PM Indian Standard Time
Arjun, 011-91-9611836004,
H1 and L1 visa holders qualify for huge refunds by claiming Federal 
Perdiem expenses for which receipts are not needed if you worked in 
client location for less than 12 months in any tax year. If you 
worked for more than 12 months at the same client location, perdiem 
can be claimed only for first tax year. Using this benefit, you can 
get back maximum of 4000$ refund per year depending on number of 
months you worked at client location. Only last 3 years returns can 
be amended to get back your lost refund. So hurry up and call us at 
011-91-9611836004 or email if you think you qualify. Our Fee is 
just 99$ per amendment.