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Toyota RAV4 is available for rent. ride share/car pool EAGAN Updated:7/2/20 2017 Toyota RAV4 is available for rent.
ride share/car pool EAGAN Updated: 7/2/20
NEED CARPOOL TO CHICAGO FROM MINNEAPOLIS on JULY ride share/car pool Updated:7/1/20 I am looking for car pool from MN to Chicago on July 18-25
ride share/car pool   Updated: 7/1/20
Need ride from Minneapolis to Atlanta/ Florida ride share/car pool Updated:6/29/20 Hi, I need to get to Tallahassee, FL. If anyone is travelling to FL  or a near by state  from Minneapolis and is good to have car pool, please let me know. I will pay for the ride share. Thanks!
ride share/car pool   Updated: 6/29/20
Need carpool frm MSP to Milwaukee or Chicago july4 ride share/car pool Eden Prairie Updated:6/28/20 Need car pool from Minneapolis to Milwaukee or Chicago before July 3rd
ride share/car pool Eden Prairie Updated: 6/28/20
Need a carpool from Edina to 3M maplewood ride share/car pool Updated:6/26/20 Hi Need a carpool from Edina to 3M maplewood,every week day  contact-
ride share/car pool   Updated: 6/26/20
Need Car pool/sharing - Saint Paul to Wayzata ride share/car pool Ramsey Updated:6/26/20 Hi, hope you are doing good. I need car pool from Saint Paul to Wayzata in month of whole July. if some one traveling nearby location. could you please help.  I pay mutually agreed charges. plz contact / whatsapp / call / text on +1-651-734
ride share/car pool Ramsey Updated: 6/26/20
Driving to Chicago ride share/car pool Updated:6/25/20 I am driving to Chicago this Saturday morning June 27. Please let me know if you needed a ride.
ride share/car pool   Updated: 6/25/20
Need Car Pool from Milwaukee to Minneapolis ride share/car pool Updated:6/10/20 Looking for Car Pool from Milwaukee WI to Minneapolis for any date between 6/26 to 6/29 for me. Please reach out to me at 9524929765 
ride share/car pool   Updated: 6/10/20