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Paneer in a Blanket & Rice Balls @Pizza Karma Pizza Karma Updated:5/6/21
The WAIT IS OVER! Introducing Paneer in a Blanket $5.99 Marinated paneer wrapped with the Tandoori bread strips and golden fried! Available for until Sunday only! Order online: (for now online
Pizza Karma   Updated: 5/6/21
Pastry Cake Slice Boxes For Sale Tasty Five Bakery Updated:4/23/21 Pastry boxes on sale. each slice is packed in individually packed in a box -$5/box Buy 6 boxes for $25.
Tasty Five Bakery   Updated: 4/23/21
    Updated: 4/22/21
Thursday Dosa Night @India Spice House India Spice House, Eden Prarie Updated:4/21/21
Enjoy variety of Dosas at Thursday Dosa Night @India Spice House. Thursday, satiate your cravings with South India’s prized food item, Dosa. Choose from a special menu of more than a dozen dosas, each cost just $7.99
India Spice House, Eden Prarie   Updated: 4/21/21
Donations Iftar box Iftar Box Updated:4/18/21
Ramadan Kareem??  Ramadan special!!! JOIN US IN SERVING HUMANITY  Iftar Box · Feed 1 person for $8  * Tandoori Chicken Biryani with Salad & Raita * Dates *Water Bottle
Iftar Box   Updated: 4/18/21
STEM Builders of Plymouth:Summer Camp discount STEM Builders of Plymouth Updated:4/8/21
Early Bird Special $30-$50 OFF per Camp, Offer ends May 15 2021. Registration OPEN for Summer Camps !!
STEM Builders of Plymouth   Updated: 4/8/21