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Tax Planning, tax strategies, Small business taxes
Personal, Small Business & Advanced Tax Planning
Mon-Fri 8AM - 7PM CST; Sat 8AM - 5PM CST ; By appointment only 612-564-0601

  • Have peace of mind when your tax returns are professionally prepared by GurramTax. Your information will be very secure and confidential with us. 

    Tax consultant, Kalpana Gurram, has over 18 years of tax preparation experience and is an Enrolled Agent (EA), Certified Tax Coach (CTC), Certified Tax Planner (CTP), Certified Accepting Agent (CAA). 

    Tax Planning - Tax Reduction Service

    • Kalpana Gurram is a Tax Planning Specialist and saved thousands of dollars to our clients

    • Advanced Tax Reduction Strategies will be used to reduce your tax liability in a legal way which is accepted by IRS. 

    • Service is ideal for high-net-worth clients (if you are a business owner or a high wage earner then you are the right person).

    • Tax planning generally starts from July and ends on December31st.

    • Contact us for an appointment at or call us at 612-564-0601.

    Other Services providedTax return preparation for individual and business clients. New businesses registrations, Payroll services and Book Keeping. 

    Individual tax returns for your unique situation including but not limited to..

    • ITIN application
    • Stock Sales
    • Crypto Sales
    • Rental Real Estate
    • Small Business
    • Foreign Mutual Funds (PFICs)
    • FATCA & FBAR
    • Non-Resident Aliens
    • Business Returns - S Corp, C Corp & Partnerships

    We are open year-round. 

    Kalpana is also a Certified Accepting Agent (CAA) and authorized to verify your documents such as passport, visa and other required documents when you apply for ITIN. You do not need to go to IRS office or mail your passports to IRS.


    The IRS does not endorse any particular individual tax return preparer. For more information on tax return preparers, visit