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Vital Force Consulting, Inc.
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Classical Homeopathy Indian Homeopathic Doctor
First consultation: 2 hours and Follow ups: 1 hour
Monday through Friday 9 am to 2 pm by appointments
Sujata Owens, the First Indian Homeopathic Doctor to establish a Homeopathic practice in the United States, is an extensively trained and internationally acclaimed Homeopathic Master Clinician. She has been offering a cost-effective and natural homeopathic approach for a healthy mind and body for over 35 years. Her deep understanding of the human psyche, unique perspective of both modern medicine and homeopathy, and commitment to being a partner in achieving overall health has drawn a clientele from around the world.
Vital Force Consulting Office is located downtown Northfield between Rochester, MN and Twin cities. For directions go to our website or paste the link in your browser:
Suffering from Chronic Illness? Looking for a natural,
Complementary medicine that does not have any side effects and is
safe, effective and preventative?
Give us a call to schedule your free 15 minute consultation and
we will let you know what a powerful tool homeopathy is and what
we can offer you to restore health and well being.

Due to its success, homeopathy is widely practiced all around the
world. Mahatma Gandhi,Father of India and ardent follower of
homeopathy said, "Homeopathy effectively helps a larger
percentage of people than any other science, and is beyond doubt
the safest and most economical form of health care."