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Day Care @ Eden Prairie
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Day Care @ Eden Prairie
Thank you for your interest in my Home daycare.

 I am starting my daycare because I have a genuine love of 
children & enjoy seeing them reach their full potential. I 
understand that it can take a lot of time & effort to find a 
perfect match to care for your child. A safe & comfortable 
environment, a nurturing & experienced provider, fun learning, 
healthy meals, centralized location and flexible hours are just a 
few of the qualities within my home. You can rest assured that 
your childcare needs will be met. I feel it is very important for 
kids to feel like they are a true part of our family and are 
receiving the personal attention they deserve. For this reason, I 
will only be accepting 2-3 kids at a time. 

Please contact me if you have any questions. I look forward to 
meeting you & your family!