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Pangea World Theater

Pantages Theatre
710 Hennepin Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55403   [Map]   [Directions]
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Single Ticket Sales: Available at the
State Theatre Box Office with no
convenience fees, or through
Ticketmaster at 651-989-5151 or
Group Sales: Katie Herron 612-203-1088
Kathakali, which literally means “story play”, dates from the sixteenth century. It has roots in the ancient classical Sanskrit drama and martial arts traditions of Kerala in South India. The stories of Kathakali are drawn from the great Indian epics, portraying the stories of gods, demons, heroes and kings of ancient India in a type of theater that has no counterpart in the West and hardly any comparison in the world for beauty of sight and sound. With its stylization of costume, make-up, gesture, facial expression, and dance movement combined with music, drums and a sung text, it is one of the finest expressions of an ancient culture, still meaningful and powerful in the world of today. The two stories that will be performed are Ravana Vijayam and Bali Vadham, enduring stories from the famous Indian mythological tale, The Ramayana. A unique and gifted group of award winning international artists from Kerala have gathered to create the experience of Kathakali for the Twin Cities and surrounding communities. (for more information - please visit http://www.k-2005.com)