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Hi. My Mother is traveling Minneapolis-Paris-Chennai on December 28th..My Mother need a Travel Companion.. If anyone traveling on the same date, please let me know, that would be great help for us.. Thank you..
Posted: 09-Dec-17
Is there anyone traveling from TRV (Trivandrum) or Cochin to MSP between December 15 and January 15. Looking for a travel companion for my mother. Thanks.
Posted: 05-Dec-17
Hi. If anyone traveling from Minneapolis to Chennai on December end or January 2018, please let me know. I need travel companion for Mom.. I have not booked tickets yet. Please let me know i will book for same flight.
Posted: 02-Dec-17
My in-laws are traveling from Hyderabad-Delhi-Chicago on Jan 26 (Air India) This is their first visit, if anyone is traveling on the same date pls let me know.
Posted: 14-Nov-17