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I am looking for someone who can take care of my dog while I go on vacations. In return, I can take care of your dog when you want to take a vacation. I have a small dog that is pretty friendly.
Posted: 19-Jun-17
Hello Pals, If anybody suffering from body aches due to long working hours, you can get relieved by taking a full body massage( at your door step only). If u need one just email me..
Posted: 16-Jun-17
Art for children, adults and grandparents. Great for a party, some afternoon, evening fun with friends, family and community. Do you have a party room available in your complex? Minimum class: 10 Please call for reservations for art classes. Ava
Posted: 22-May-17
Do You Have Your Hands Full? We can Help! House Cleaning and Organizing Services – Bonded and Insured! We offer comprehensive cleaning and organizing services: ?? Weekly Cleaning ?? Bi-Weekly Cleaning ?? Tri-Weekly Cleaning ?? Quarter Weekl
Posted: 22-May-17