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5 Years of professional teaching experience
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I am Ramya Jajimi and have professional experience teaching Mathematics. I am interested in teaching students Math who are preparing for SAT/ACT, students who are looking to improve their skills in Mathematics and Statistics. I can help students who have difficulty understanding the concepts thought in class, guide them through their homework. I would prefer having 1:1 class so that every student would benefit and learn through my teaching. I have Real time working and teaching students from grade 6 to grade 12 but can teach for all grades.

Students Interested can signup for a Free Demo class. This class would give me an understanding on where to start, what level of knowledge the student has on the subject and what the student wants to learn during the phase of the course.  I can help students from Grade 1 to Grade 12 understanding what is being thought in class, will assist students complete their homework by teaching them. I can help and guide students in taking AP classes who are interested in joining STEM field.  

I completed my master's in computer science and have 5 years of Experience in the field of Mathematics. My aim is helping as many students reach their goals, gain knowledge and start college in their desired university. I look forward speaking to you.

Some of the Core concepts I am experienced teaching students are:






Calculus, etc...