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Adults/High School Volunteers for MAIDA

Voting is a cornerstone of American democracy.  We are few weeks away from from election. If you want to get involve with Minnesota Asian Indian Democratic Association (MAIDA) and make a difference in the coming election, please send an email to

For adults it is opportunity to meet local political senate, congressional district leaders, networking with other Indians and other cross functional groups, make you voice heard, and make a difference with your effort 

High Schooler looking to volunteer or internships join MAIDA to get connected to different Congressional campaigns in Minnesota! You  will engage in daily campaign activities with mentoring from experienced campaign staff. This is designed to give students a behind the scenes view of a political campaign, experience with grassroots organizing and campaign fundraising, and opportunities for careers in campaigns and politics in the future. You will also help the campaign with phone calls, texting or writing post cards etc

  In consideration of the COVID-19 pandemic, this volunteering will be entirely remote. You will be assigned projects to complete from home. Hours are flexible No prior campaign or political experience is necessary to apply. 

Looking for * Strong communication skills * Access to a laptop * Interest in politics, campaigns, and willingness to learn.