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[Religious/Puja]Spiritual Satsang

Sunday, Aug 13 2017
12:30-1:30 pm
Community Room

1515 Park Ave South
Minneapolis MN 55404   [Map]   [Directions]
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The Sant Nirankari Mission popularly known as Universal Brotherhood is neither a new sect nor a splinter group. As has been done by the prophets and the seers down the ages, the Mission deals with the spirit in man and lays stress on the role of the individual. Knowledge of God creates relationship of man with the Creator. It is through this relation that an element of spirituality can be imparted to human thought and action. Through spiritual awakening, the Mission seeks to overcome the barriers that have increasingly separated human beings from each other, and from God. The Mission refers to God as Nirankar-litrerally meaning 'that without form.' Though God is invisible, yet it is all- pervading, a concrete and a cosmic force. In fact the reality is that what we see is unreal as it decays and dies. But what we do not see is a Reality and a real source of life to all visible forms in the universe. The changeless in the changing physical world is called God and the changeless in the changing body is called the soul. Man's physical and mental actions derive force from the formless soul which is a part and parcel of the whole-the Greater Soul. The soul is separated from the Whole due to sheer ignorance. If sheath of ignorance is cut through Divine Knowledge and Realization, the soul ceases to have a separate entity and becomes one with the Whole. The Mission is unique in so far it enables us to break the separating wall by imparting Divine Knowledge and Realization. It unites the soul with the Over Soul to redeem it from the cycle of birth and death . One of the key principles of the Mission is Universal Brotherhood i.e. One World and One Family, which is a natural outcome of God realization. God realization allows human beings to see a common thread across all diversity and perform actions that ensure peaceful co-existence and not be fanatics. They start understanding that each human being is different and instead of expecting everyone to think alike, they strive towards bringing synergy and prosperity. The Mission is also an active participant in community services. The devotees of the Mission participate in providing compassionate relief to people affected by natural disasters around the world. The Mission is a strong believer that `Blood should flow in veins and not drains' and organizes Blood Donation Camps all over the world throughout the year. The Mission has been recognized as an invaluable contributor by almost every national and international forum on blood donation. To know more about the Mission and join the company of other enlightened beings, please join a spiritual congregation on Sunday, 08/13/2017 from 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM in community room of apartment building, 1515 Park Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55404. For any question and concern please contact undersigned or Rev. Anoop Kumar at 612-987-6216. Thanks. Humbly, Rajinder Arora 612-987- 1028


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