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[Yoga/Meditation]Inner & Outer Peace

Wednesday, May 24 2017
6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Science of Spirituality Meditation
4054 Van Buren St. NE
Minneapolis MN 55123   [Map]   [Directions]
Meditation Workshops for Spiritual Awareness
Each workshop we gather to meditate together, 
reflect on the words of the great spiritual 
Masters, and spend some time with others who 
share the goal of leading a spiritually enriched 
and fulfilling life.

Wednesday, May 10th 6:30 PM  8:30 PM
Helping Factors in Meditation

Wednesday, May 17th 6:30 PM  8:30 PM
Attaining Lasting Happiness

Wednesday, May 24th 6:30 PM  8:30 PM
Inner & Outer Peace

Wednesday, May 31st 6:30 PM  8:30 PM
Human Unity & Respect for Life

One of the greatest benefits of meditation is 
that we will not only have peace in our own homes 
but will contribute to the peace of the world. 

Kindly Register by sending Email at 
MinneapolisCenter@sos.org. All programs


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