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[Religious/Puja]Spiritual Satsang

Sunday, Dec 10 2017
12:00-1::30 pm
Community Room
1515 Park Avenue South
Minneapolis MN 55404   [Map]   [Directions]
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This message of saints has always been significant for all men during their respective present. The present time for those who were born in Sat Yuga was when they were living in it; for us it has become past. And the present time for us today is not the present month or decade or year, but this present moment while we are living and breathing. This present moment is within our grasp; once we lose it, we will not get it back. All of us know about earthquake which hit Nepal and Hindustan and caused much destruction. Those who were affected by it also cherished many a dream about their future. But within seconds the earthquake destroyed them and also ended thousands of lives. This makes us realize how fragile is mortal form and human life. That is why saints caution man to take charge of his present time, move his footsteps in the true direction during his present time. His mortal journey would end one day but the journey of his soul would still continue. That is why he should take such a step during his present time as Redeems his soul. It is very important to not only read and hear this message but also pay attention to it. Man pays much attention to enjoy worldly pleasures, lives a life infested with vices and evil doing. He pays no attention to his mind and soul. His mind is negative. He pays no attention to what would happen to his soul. He lives a life of eat, drink and be merry. He lives only at a physical level. Saints are not asking man to attain greater heights in worldly achievements. Of course man should also make an effort for them. But the worldly achievements when evaluated against the Greater Attainment appear like dwarfs. That is why saints do not give as much significance to worldly achievements as to True Attainment. When we look down from a very high tower, the passing men and cars etc. appear very tiny. And when we fly over the city while sitting in an airplane, the same tower appears tiny. Similarly those who gain spiritual height by getting united with Lord Formless, find the worldly achievements very petty. Saints ask man to give a proof of his wisdom by awakening towards spiritual aspect, getting linked with Illumined saints, attaining the Light of God-knowledge from them which would illumine his soul and mind and make his life truly meaningful. By making this Attainment he will become a source of inspiration as well as a guide to show the path even to others because he is holding the beacon of light within his hands now. He can announce with surety that he has Attained. Until he gained the experience, the Vision, he could not make this announcement. Arjuna bowed to Krishna in every direction only when he attained the Vision. Before that, he was bowing only to Krishna's physical form. Similarly Meera Bai also did not know the Indestructible and All Pervasive form of Lord Krishna until she attained the Vision through the Grace of Ravidas Ji. So whosoever makes the Attainment then also gives the message to others that he has made the Attainment through the Grace of Guru; his soul has Seen the Limitless, the All-pervading Supreme Lord through the Vision of God-knowledge. Such is the greater height, saints inspire us to attain. And saints also tell us what is true greatness. He is a great person who is truly humble despite, the fact that he has much to boast about, who is full of forgiveness, who has a large heart. This is how we attain greatness. There is no greatness in loving those who love and respect you; it lies in loving even those who do not love and respect you. Greatness lies in cherishing the welfare of even those who do not do good to you. This is what greatness is. Enlightened saints have always considered it their responsibility to save man from drowning, help him attain Transcendence. To know more about the Sant Nirankari Mission of Universal brotherhood and be in company of other enlightened beings you are cordially invited to join a spiritual congregation of enlightened saints on Sunday 12/10/17 from 12:00 to 1:30 pm at community room of apartment building, 1515 Park avenue south Minneapolis, MN 55404. For any question please call undersigned or Rev. Anoop Kumar at 612-987-6216. Thanks. Humbly, Rajinder Arora 612-987-1028


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