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[Performing Arts]Natyamanjari Dance Competition

Saturday, Apr 22 2017
SV Temple Auditorium

7615 Metro Boulevard
Edina MN   [Map]   [Directions]
? Categories Solo/Group performance of o Classical Dance (includes any form of Indian Classical Dance) o Non-Classical ( includes Semi Classical/Folk /Bollywood/Any form of Indian dance) ? Age categories for judging will be o 3-5 years o 6-8 years o 9-12 years o 13-16 years o 17 and above (Adults) ? Separate registration is required by dance groups participating in more than one dance category ? Max Length of the song should me 6 minutes ? Minimum kids for group are 2 and maximum is 10 ? The participating group will be in charge of setting up and clearing the stage after the performance ? Only small props are allowed on the stage. No big props are allowed on stage ? Breakable objects, confetti or grains will not be allowed on stage, that might need to be cleaned up between performances ? There will be 1st ,2nd and 3rd prizes awarded for each category ? Judges decision is final ? Audio files used for competition will not be returned ? Time will be monitored electronically ? Any exceptions and decisions for participation will be decided by cultural committee. Cultural Committee decisions are final ? All proceedings will go to temple ? For any question(s), send mail to kalanjali@svtemplemn.org Registration form will be available on website shortly.


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