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IvyACT Year-Long Preparation Course
Sat, May 16
(Repeats every week on Sat)
1:00PM - 1:50PM
$400 Full Year
Wayzata Central Middle School
IvyACT Preparation Course
This Year-Long Ivy ACT program provides students with the skills and guidance necessary for accomplishing the desired score on the ACT. Although a perfect score is not attainable for every student, our goal is to help students improve their performance and end with a score they are happy with. In addition, informal counseling and information are given to parents and students to help them navigate high school and the college admissions process. 

All relevant subject areas and topics necessary for the ACT will be covered in-depth. In particular, guidance is provided for the following difficult portions of the test:
  • Sentence improvement questions (avoid getting lost in the grammar rules)
  • Vocabulary questions (utilizing context clues)
  • Difficult mathematical questions (utilizing reasoning)
  • Data interpretation questions (learn the techniques)

In this program, you will learn the techniques and get guidance from our instructors who had perfected the art of test taking. The classes are designed from the students' perspective and include powerful strategies and problem-solving techniques that you may not want to miss. 
5 reasons why you should be part of this IvyACT.
  • You'll be made aware of the winning approach to adopt on every portion of the multiple choice questions and crack the test rubric.
  • You'll be equipped with the skills to solve any sentence improvement questions without getting lost in the grammar rules.
  • You'll be taught to think analytically and apply the necessary techniques to most vocabulary questions though not familiar with the words.
  • Even if you think your algebra skills are limited, the strategies you learn in the camp will help you to solve most Math questions just by reasoning.
  • Opportunity to learn the Data Interpretation skills to tackle the Science section of the standardized test.

To register, click on the link, enter the student details, and select IvyACT from the dropdown list in the "Classes from 1PM-3PM" category.